Academy for
Modern Professionals


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The Academy for Modern Professionals (AMP) is a robust development program designed for high-potential, next generation leaders. It blends the fundamentals of leadership with modern day research to deliver a truly unique and valuable experience. Unlike most programs, AMP doesn't end in the classroom. It keeps participants engaged through a blend of learning modalities including social learning, eLearning, sponsor check-ins, workshops, and excursions. 


Benefits to Organizations

  • Increases employee engagement and productivity

  • Accelerates speed to company for your employees

  • Provides regular tracking and reporting through a fully managed program

  • Offers guided, on-the-job development to participants

  • Improves the performance of the teams they lead, offering you a valuable ROI

Benefits to Individuals

  • Increases your value within your organization, industry, and the overall market place

  • Boosts your confidence to lead others

  • Enhances your professional persona

  • Modernizes your communication and management style

  • Increases your credibility with senior leaders


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