Case Studies

Large Global Retailer

Creation of a Change Management Office


Client was creating a shared service in support of multiple global brands to leverage top talent, business processes and efficiencies. They had created a Transformation office that was responsible for all transformation initiatives across the brands that both increased top line sales / customer engagement and decreased costs to impact the bottom line profits of the overall company.    

Our Solution

Develop a Change Management Office that would live within the Transformation office and support each initiative in a consistent manner.

This meant establishing the CMO, providing the methodology to be used and building the templates, tools and resources to guarantee success of critical initiatives and keep employees engaged and part of the process. 

Our Deliverables

  • Identify the metrics of success on for  internal “customers”

  • Design and establish a change management office vision & mission

  • Create change management methodology, tools and templates

  • Engage key leaders and stakeholders to support the CMO

  • Measure and show change management results / successes in your audience's language

Our Impact

  • Hired a Change Management Officer for the CMO

  • Change the culture to view change management as a key part of project implementations and as a competency and help create a change capable organization

  • Helped create standard templates to be utilized for each transformational project.

  • Conducted a change impact analysis to review change across the organization and if there is over-lap and inefficiencies to be corrected.

  • Created a “adoption scorecard” that is reported on for each steering committee.

  • Created a governance process on how each transformational initiative will incorporate change management and its subsequent level of sophistication.