Case Studies

Large Global Services Organization

Culture | Employee Engagement


The company has had huge turn-over of key talent, disengagement of employees which manifested into a suffering culture and bottom line. 

Our Solution

Address the root of things with a culture shift.

Help the organization transform their culture and positively impact their employee engagement with a holistic approach that not only identifies the key contributors to a poor culture but provides a plan to remediate, improve and create a sustainable process to happier, productive employees.

Our Deliverables

  • Stakeholder analysis that determines WHAT success looks like for the culture and how it will be measured

  • Custom Employee Engagement Survey that would help us gain data on how the companies was performing against the success metrics

  • Prioritized timeline  of actionable of what should be done with a 1 year to 18-month timeline

  • SWAT team to execute actions for the company and be accountable to continual updates to the steering committee

  • Educational program for all associates based on Powered By Happy

  • “Manager in a box” tool kit for managers and directors on HOW they can engage their employees

Our Impact

  • EE survey went up by 12% more engagement across the board, many of the improvements for each “metric” was double digit improvement

  • Turn-over went down by 6% of key roles

  • Profit of the organization went up by 12%

  • Received a “Best places to work” award nomination

  • Recruiting top talent became much easier