Case Studies

Large Global Retailer

Organizational Change Management / Transformational Change


Client needs to implement a new PLM system (Centric) across 7 brands who are using various systems or manual processes in the product lifecycle process with wildly varying results. Their “charge” was to be on ONE system and utilize standardized processes to leverage talent, timelines and efficiencies across all 7 brands.  In addition, their vendors and overseas partners needed to reflect this shift to a common process and platform in accordance with the new program. 

Our Solution

Design a Change Readiness Strategy that would support all 7 brands throughout the adoption journey of this massive transformation.

C4G outlined a road-map to gain consensus on process, tool utilization, impacted audience success and cross-functional teamwork.  This foresight and emphasis on sustainability allowed for a successful execution of the plan to properly support each brand, impacted audience and stakeholder through the change journey.

Our Deliverables

Building a strong team was just the beginning. Once in place, this powerhouse crew developed all this:

  • Full Service Diagnostic: Change readiness assessment | Stakeholder engagement analysis |Training needs analysis | Change impact analysis | Audience Analysis | Business process gap analysis 

  • Executive Coaching

  • Change management leadership Training / CQ (Change Intelligence) Style Assessment on how to LEAD change

  • Change Management Training for individual contributors and Managers / Directors

  • Training curriculum development and delivery strategy of the Centric Program

  • Communications plan

  • Change Agent Network – certifying change agents within each impacted audience to help influence change in their areas and be “listeners”.

  • Organizational Design review – are the right people in the right jobs, are jobs changing, how can we prepare them – Conduct a RACI

  • Evaluation of Project and Debrief | Metrics of Success  | Adoption Scorecard

Our Impact

This multi-year project yielded strong, measurable results with a delighted Leadership team.

  • Over 1500 associates trained globally included the vendors overseas

  • All Training material was developed, including on line job aides / videos / instructor led materials

  • Adoption of 82% emotionally committed to the change

  • Tool Utilization as designed – 74% of users are utilizing the tool as designed

  • Client Satisfaction – End Users are 86% happy with the change and understand its impact to them and the organization

  • Executives are delighted with the results of the overall implementation