Q. What is change 4 growth?

A. Change 4 Growth is a consulting firm that specializes in a variety of organizational disciplines that help companies empower their employees to do their best, most profitable work. We can customize a solution utilizing our functional expertise from any of the below areas:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • Culture Alignment & Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Recruiting & Staff Support
  • Instructional Design, Training, & eLearning


Q. why is change management important?

A.  Low employee morale. Lack of leadership cohesion and strength. Unclear direction during an organizational change, merger, or acquisition. These are but a few common causes of internal chaos that can slowly and stealthily fuel employee dissatisfaction and disengagement. And when that happens, business suffers. Change management is the key to resolving these challenges.

To solve these issues and position organizations for growth, our consulting engagements look at employee core needs and underlying business support structure. Rather than treating symptoms, we examine what's really going on with your organization so that we can provide the most informed strategic recommendations possible that will make lasting impacts to your culture and bottom line. We build custom solutions that align to your strategy and assist you with the integration throughout your business.