Life as an Intern at Change 4 Growth

As a college student at Ohio State, the chance to learn the workings of a business in the first person was crucial. When I began at Change 4 Growth one thing became abundantly clear - culture in this company is paramount. On my first day as an Intern I walked in not knowing what to expect, as many would, but by the third hour I already felt completely at home. The culture at C4G makes for a respecting and fun environment that enabled me to do my best every day and I loved it. If you walk into the home office you will read, “We lead with our values, we delight our customers, and we have fun”.  And from my short time here as an employee, I could really feel this motto resonating through the whole company. ​

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Brandon Friedel
Insights from CBUS 19 Retail Conference

Research shows that 70% of all organizational transformations fail—and can fail due to a multitude of reasons, including the fast-changing atmosphere of today’s world. In fact, in the last three years, retail has changed more than it has in the last 25. That means change is happening all around us, and it’s happening at an incredible speed.

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Valerie Klette-Cusher
I Wish You Happiness: In pursuit of professional peace

One of the things I learned during the writing my book, Powered by Happy, is that there are some things, no matter their abundance, that simply won’t bring the happiness we seek.

It’s hard not to be lulled into thinking otherwise. We envy the pictures in our social media feeds…of exotic vacations, lovely homes with beautiful furnishings, covetous social lives taking place at only the trendiest establishments.  As humans, we are wired to be strivers.  That we want what others have, or envision a bigger, better life is both understandable and exciting. The question is…at what cost?  

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