Happiness Just Works - Part 2

If we continue the theme of “Happiness Just Works” from my first blog, we must figure out the best way to connect with our employees and our leadership in making this go from a thought to reality. As I mentioned before, the worst thing you can do is an “Employee Engagement” survey and do nothing with the results. When employees fill this out, it is a GIFT. A gift for you, as a leader, to understand what your employees need in order to be happy and satisfied at work. I don’t have to cite the statistics of what engaged/happy associates do to your retention, your customer loyalty and your bottom line. It baffles me that this is NOT a strategic initiative with leaders today, especially knowing that the market is turning from an employer market to an employee market. With a baby boomer retiring every 8 seconds, companies MUST figure out the best way to be an employer of choice and retain their top talent.

It’s easy to talk about “Employee Engagement” and Workplace Happiness, however, it’s a completely different story how to make it happen. It is NOT solely the job of HR. It is NOT solely the job of your leadership team and CEO. It is NOT solely the job of each employee. It’s about creating an engaging culture and with that in mind, it is a process not an event and EVERYONE plays a role. Your culture did not get the way it is overnight and therefore to change it will take everyone in your company to understand their role in creating a Powered by Happy culture. I love when new leadership comes in and creates “mandates”. This is how it's going to be. Well, hate to disappoint you, but that doesn’t work. It’s not that easy! Just because you say so, doesn’t make it so.

Therefore I offer you, a solution. A Powered by Happy Company Certification. What does this mean? Very simply it is creating a movement for your organization to be Powered by Happy. We will teach you how you can apply the book to your workday from an individual contributor and leadership perspective and ultimately impact your company’s culture. MANY managers and above do not know HOW to engage their employees and conversely, many employees don’t know how to be accountable to their own happiness at work. This is a missed learning opportunity with many “action plans” that come after a survey. We want to train you on HOW to be a Powered by Happy culture and what each person’s role is in it! We create success metrics on what a PBH company culture looks like from recruiting to retention and sustainability.

We will create specific action plans on what it looks like and feels like to be a Powered by Happy company! It starts with specific workshops for individual contributors and then leadership. We review what it means for you personally to be Powered by Happy at work. After reading the book, you can create your own individual workplan. Then we will wrap up the learning with a workshop on how to apply your plan and what you learned from the book to your workday and company. In the end, we will create a specific roadmap, expectations and plan to ensure a sustainable process and successful transformation of your culture! And this, my friends, is how you and your company become Powered by Happy!

Again, it’s simple and it’s a start to creating your company’s reputation as the BEST PLACE TO WORK! It will help create loyal customers, engaged associates who want to give discretionary effort (rather than sabotage) and positively impact your bottom line. Who wouldn’t want this? Contact me today to find out more!