On Being a One-Year-Old

On September 1, 2017, we became Change 4 Growth. As a solid group of professionals with lots of experience, we were embarking on a new journey as a brand-new company. Walking in to our new digs, we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. One year later, we’re even more eager and more keen to deliver results for our amazing clients!


Thinking about the last year, caused me to ponder - why do we as a company spend so much of our effort on people? Well, it’s people who run our businesses and organizations! They show up each day with a goal to provide their best to their company and clients.  It’s people who make decisions that affect the outcome of business transactions and strategies, who earn for their companies.

That’s why at C4G we’re all about people. That’s our focus - how they perform, how they adapt to change, how they lead, how they manage themselves. Are they happy and engaged at work? Do they make the discretionary efforts that many times make a huge difference for an organization?

Our single-minded purpose is to provide services that enhance and positively affect the outcome for businesses. You see, we know people. We know what makes them tick. We understand how they learn, how they’re motivated, how they lead (or don’t lead).

We are structured uniquely. All our services stand on their own yet are single minded in purpose. Our “Pillars”, as we call our services, are designed to support every aspect of a person’s effort at their organization.


Organizational change happens. It just does. Whether it’s a new technology being implemented to enhance operations, workforce management or even complete organizational transformation, it creates change in the way people do their jobs. If people can’t use the new technology, a company is wasting money. To be successful using a new tool or technology these people need to know several things:

  • What’s coming

  • What to expect

  • How to use it in their role

  • How will it change their daily work

Our Organizational Change Management practice supports these and other Transformational efforts.

Employee Development is key to an organization’s effectiveness and growth. Leadership is for everyone. Most managers and leaders tend to lead and manage the way they’ve been led or managed. Most people get promoted into management because they’re good at their jobs. Not because they’re good at managing or leading. Without developing people, managers flounder and frankly, they fail to lead. Our Leadership Development and Culture Alignment Pillar focuses on People Engagement and Effectiveness.

Engaging with employees and building strong organizations involves communication, training, transparency and building trust. And that’s why we love doing what we do. As a one-year-old, we look back over the first year with sheer glee. Our bright eyes look forward to new opportunities to do what we love doing: serving our clients and supporting each other.  Now that’s something to be bushy-tailed about!

Carla Cole   Vice President Business Development & Resources

Carla Cole

Vice President Business Development & Resources

With responsibilities that include growing Change 4 Growth, diversifying our solution offerings, and helping to get the right folks in the right place at the right time, Carla Cole enjoys the pace and the challenge. She serves a team that includes dynamic organizational change management, human resource and leadership development professionals, stellar project management folks, as well as, a great recruiting and staffing team.

Having extensive experience in sales, building high performing teams, training and organizational development and staffing, she has been involved in technology implementations and process change initiatives in healthcare, banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, and distribution.

Carla’s commitment to serving clients and associates sets a high bar for increased organizational optimization and alignment, with measurable results and client delight.  She loves what she does. The fact that every day is an adventure is just fine with her!

Kevin Hollo