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On Being an Employer of Choice

Are we an Employer of Choice? Why would a potential employee choose us? What is it about us that attracts (and retains) top talent. Opportunities abound for those who are focused on delivering results for their employers. Every employer wants an engaged employee who goes the extra mile and who delivers with excellence each day.

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Is your organization Change CAPABLE?

One thing is for certain, change is constant.  We have heard that for years, but I believe it is more prevalent in today’s business climate than ever before.  Look at Retail, everyone is trying to figure out customer engagement, how do we engage with the “new” customer and their buying habits?  How do we KNOW the customer and what they want?  While I believe that everyone knows that change is constant, I wonder how many of you are truly prepared.  How resilient are you to change? How does this show up in your personal behaviors of those within your organization? 

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