Powered by Happy


How to Get and Stay Happy at Work

The only pocket-sized book packed with ways to boost not only workplace happiness, but also you and your company’s performance.

How to Get and Stay Happy at Work

Our very own employee engagement expert, Beth Thomas wrote a book on happiness filled with coaching, practical advice and proven techniques and wants to share her knowledge with you! ‘Powered by Happy’ is the only pocket-sized book packed with ways to boost workplace happiness and thereby your company's performance.

Employees are critical to the success of your business, but many times we hear of over-worked, stressed-out employees in the workplace. It’s been shown through research that having a happy employee creates a positive impact on the bottom line. The good news is we know how to help. This book is instrumental (for everyone, whether working in a cubical with 10 employees, a function within an organization, or the entire organization. ‘Powered by Happy’ offers a quick hit of optimism for the workday, which will help careers, job satisfaction and productivity for all.

Here’s what some readers are saying:

"Powered by Happy provides a step by step, tip by tip strategy for figuring out what gives us joy and how to create an environment in which we can find it-all day, every day, in any situation, no matter what challenges we face."

Larry Israelite, talent management executive

“Powered by Happy is not only great for helping you be happy at work, but about being happy in life! I laughed and I got some great tips on things I can do in my everyday life to bring more joy and happiness into it. I love the size of the book - pocket size and it was a quick read. I highly recommend it and I know you will find at least one if not many great tips to incorporate into your work and personal life! GREAT BOOK!”

Carrie Saba


Speaking Engagements

Beth is a frequent national speaker recognized as one of America’s foremost authorities on employee engagement and change management. Beth brings the message of her book to companies around the world to inspire business teams and leaders to find renewed energy, perspective, and purpose for their work while improving workplace efficiency and profitability.

“When I think of Beth Thomas, three adjectives instantly come to mind: passionate, motivational, and forward-thinking. With these qualities, she creates an exciting and fun atmosphere that produces loyal employees and peers, a refreshing experience in today’s working world.”

Michelle Bajorek, Limited Brands

“Beth is inspirational and motivational in the arena of Leadership Development. As an Executive Coach she instills those same qualities and competencies in others and can engage her audience to be successful leaders. Her innovative ideas and unique approach are second to none.”

Steve Hughes, Vice President, JPMorgan Chase