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Culture / Employee Engagement

Large Global Services Organization

Culture | Employee Engagement


The company had experienced huge turn-over of key talent and disengagement of employees which manifested into a suffering culture and bottom line. 

Our client was suffering from a common problem. Globally up to 75% of employees are unhappy at work. This “disengagement” has caused companies in the US 450 BILLION dollars in lost productivity. Now many boards are getting involved in these types of cultural challenges because they not only impact employee engagement, but also customer engagement and therefore the bottom line. Employee Engagement Survey’s alone are NOT doing the trick. The unhappiness continues to grow and in a time of “The War on Talent”, this is the last thing companies need!  Finally 80% of people leave their boss not their company, therefore helping your managers / front line supervisors understand what they can do to impact the Employee Engagement is critical, but often overlooked.

Our Solution

Address the root of things with a culture shift.

C4G was asked to help the organization transform their culture and positively impact their employee engagement. C4G took a holistic approach that encompassed not only identifying the key drivers of the poor culture, but also a plan to remediate, improve and create a sustainable process to continued improvement.

Our Deliverables

  • Conducted a stakeholder analysis to determine WHAT success looked like for their culture and how they will measure it

  • Created a custom Employee Engagement Survey that would help us gain data on how the company was performing against the success metrics

  • Created a presentation of the results and prioritized actions of what should be done with a 12 to 18-month timeline

  • Pulled together a SWAT team to help execute the actions for the company and be accountable to continual updates to the steering committee

  • Created an educational program for all associates based on Powered By Happy, our CEO’s book on employee happiness at work

  • Implemented a “Manager in a box” tool kit for managers and directors on HOW they can engage their employees

  • Conducted monthly meetings with the SWAT Team on how actions were being received and executed

  • Conducted pulse checks with the organization (surveys / user focus groups) twice a year to see how we were trending against our goals

  • Final survey to see improvement against the initial survey

Our Impact

  • Employee Engagement survey showed a 12% increase across the board, many of the improvements for each “metric” were double digit improvement

  • Employee turn-over went down by 6% of key roles

  • Profit of the organization went up by 12%

  • Received a “Best places to work” award nomination

  • Recruiting top talent became much easier